Safety Switches

protect your house by installing safety switch "RCD" and test it regularly.

What do you need to know.

Electrical hazards are often hidden and can be difficult to identify, such as a small hole in an extension lead or a power board damaged internally.

Installing RCD Safety Switches and testing them regularly is a small investment in money and time. It will provide long term protection for you and your family against serious injury and death.

What is safety switch?

provide a fast power cut- off in problem situations, to

protect your family and you from the hidden dangers and give you a second chance.

If you are unsure whether you have RCD Safety Switches installed or you need them installed contact us on 0420705345

Every day activities such as screwing shelving into a wall or using an electrical appliance can turn deadly without the protection of a RCD Safety Switch. 15 Australians are killed in preventable home electrical accidents each year and around 20 times that number are hospitalised with serious injuries.